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Anna University

Over the past few years, engineering studies have become much more in demand. Almost all of India’s colleges and universities now provide a variety of engineering courses. One of the few universities in India with more than 90 engineering courses is Anna University.

It offers a wide range of courses in addition to the well-known ones like electronics, computer science, and information technology. The majority of students choose computer science and information technology because of the IT industry’s growth. But these aren’t the only subjects that should be included in engineering education.

Civil engineering could be one of the feasible options. India is a nation in development. Numerous construction projects are ongoing throughout the nation. Every region in the country has development projects. Also available to students is architecture. It’s in high demand right now. Digital architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design are the three different categories of architecture courses offered at Anna University.

Automobile engineering is another excellent choice. India has a sizable middle class. The majority of upper-middle-class families have sufficient resources to own an automobile. As a result, the middle class in India needs affordable cars. Consider a career in automobile engineering if you believe you can create the next generation of affordable vehicles.

Material science and engineering is yet another excellent option. It is full of potential and has opportunities for growth. Decomposition and rubbish disposal are serious issues in India. Because of this, the nation needs students who are eager to contribute to its growth.

India is going through a change. It is changing quickly; whether these changes are for the better or worse, only time will tell. Numerous fresh prospects are emerging. With new possibilities come new employment possibilities, particularly for engineering graduates. The Anna University Ranking is one of the finest for engineering.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses




BA 3 yrs 10+2
B.COM 3 yrs 10+2
BSC 3 yrs 10+2 & ANUCDE Entrance
BED 3 yrs 10+2 & ANUCDE Entrance

Master’s Degree Courses




MSC 2 yrs BSC Degree
MCA 2 yrs BCA Degree
MBA 2 yrs Any Bachelor Degree

Anna University DDE Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the type of course, Anna University has varied requirements for admission to its distance education programs.

  • For this course, candidates having a diploma from the 10 + 2 + 3 plan will apply.
  • Candidates for MCA and M.Sc. programs must major in Mathematics, Statistics, or both at the master’s level or at the +2 level.
  • To enrol in MBA and MCA programmes, candidates must pass a distance entry test.
  • The DEET display must be cleared of any valid TANSET points.

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