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Middlesex University


Middlesex University is a well-known and active higher education school with a modern and global view. It is in London, United Kingdom. It welcomes differences and brings in students worldwide, creating an international and open learning setting. It has a wide range of student and graduate programmes in many different fields.

Middlesex University

Students can choose from many other areas, such as business, law, medical sciences, design and art, engineering, communication and media, information technology, social science, and more. Students with different academic interests and job goals can choose from various programmes that allow them to follow their hobbies and learn specialized knowledge and skills.

The university offers a friendly learning environment and academic and career assistance programmes to help students with their education and personal growth. Equally, Middlesex University recognises the value of a well-rounded education and academic success. It provides a variety of extracurricular activities, organizations, and groups that appeal to a wide range of interests, encouraging personal development, cultural exchange, and the formation of lasting connections.

Courses offered by Middlesex University

Fashion Design BA Honors

You will get training in various aspects of fashion design, beginning with sketching skills and illustrations, moving on to garment making and cutting, and concluding with portfolio presentation and tailoring.

Cyber Security and Pen Testing MSc

This course covers strategic and organizational challenges and network security specifics. You'll use the LTE test bed and Blade Server to connect to and configure internet-based networks throughout your study.

Film BA Honors

You'll follow in the footsteps of many successful graduates who have gone on to work for Disney, and the BBC, start their own companies and continue their education at the National Film and Television School.

Graphic Design MA

This course is customized to each student's expertise and goals in the industry, research, design writing, PhD, or teaching to develop expert contacts and specialized networks for each project. You can display your work to the public, allowing you to meet people in your field in a business atmosphere.

Biomedical Science BSc/DipHE

Biomedical Science is a fast-paced degree with access to advanced scientific equipment and research. You'll study microscopy, blood type, DNA analysis, tissue identification, and more via real-life clinical laboratory problems.

Animation BA Honors

You'll be motivated to experiment and given the room to create your style. Among the animation techniques, you'll learn Standard and digital 2D, motion graphics, stop motion, 3D computer animation, and working directly on 16mm film.

Criminology BA Honors

This new plan is made for police in this bigger picture. It gives you skills to understand what causes crime in the 21st century and the skills you need to build a career responding to crime.

Data Science MSc

You will focus on machine learning, visual analytics, and data control. You will also find a good combination of academic foundations, actual hands-on experience, and learning tools and packages used in the business world.

International Tourism Management BSc Honors

You'll learn about planning, strategy, and management as you look at gatherings and the needs of different types of events. You'll also develop your idea for an event and make a resume to show what you know about planning events.

Business Computing & Data Analytics BSc

You'll learn how to use the special tools, methods, and technologies which will give you the ability, knowledge, and confidence to put your skills to use. This degree will prepare you for careers, from chief information officer to systems architect to business architect.

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