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Do you wish to pursue an enriching overseas study experience? Look no further than Georgia’s stunning scenery and academic competence. This reveals the unique opportunities available to students who choose to study in Georgia, ranging from world-class universities to a thriving cultural environment.

Tbilisi State University and the Free University of Tbilisi are two of Georgia’s internationally renowned universities. These institutions, known for their excellent academic achievement and varied selection of programs, provide a solid foundation for your educational path.

Georgia is an excellent choice for international students looking for a well-rounded study abroad experience, thanks to its low education, English-taught programs, and friendly culture. Discover the grandeur of the Caucasus region, achieve your academic goals, and make Georgia your educational success backdrop.




Frequently Ask Questions.

At Stanford Global Education, students have the opportunity to engage with grand concepts, cross disciplinary and conceptual boundaries, and become global citizens who value diversity of thought and life experience.

UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Georgia are the countries for higher studies in Engineering / Business / IT / Hospitality etc. In addition to these, European countries, China, Russia and Philippines offer quality and cost effective courses especially in medicine studies etc.


The different methods to support your studies abroad are:

  1. Education loans.
  2. Sponsorship by individuals / organization.
  3. Scholarships.

As compared to studying in your home country, studying abroad may be expensive. However, there are countries that provide education (specific courses) which are at par with Indian cost. However, the trend has been catching up lately due to easy availability of education loans and scholarships which help to finance your studies abroad.


Most nations offer scholarships to foreign students who want to study there. Institutional needs could be different. The scholarships are extremely competitive and determined by the recipients’ academic records. The university websites provide information on the scholarships. Based on your qualifications and eligibility, we can also help you apply for and obtain scholarships at other institutions.

Featured University

We offers the Best Universities for Overseas Education.

Augusta University

Augusta, Georgia

Emory university

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Southern University

Statesboro, Georgia

Georgia State University

Augusta, Georgia

Kennesaw State University

Atlanta, Georgia

Mercer university

Macon, Georgia

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Why Stanford Global Education

The goal of Stanford Global Education is to give students chances to study abroad that will change their lives.

There are several benefits of studying in Georgia for Indian students. Here are some of them:

  1. Georgia is home, to universities that are recognized globally such as Tbilisi State University and the Free University of Tbilisi. These institutions have a reputation for their academic standards and wide range of educational programs providing students with a solid foundation for their educational pursuits.
  2. Immerse yourself in the captivating blend that Georgia offers, where ancient history beautifully merges with innovation. From the streets of Tbilisi to the awe inspiring wonders of Mtskheta students have the opportunity to explore a country that seamlessly combines tradition and progress.
  3. Studying in Georgia is an option without compromising on quality. With tuition fees and a cost of living than many Western countries students can access world class education without facing financial burdens.
  4. It’s worth noting that many universities in Georgia offer English taught programs specifically designed to cater to students. This eliminates language barriers. Ensures that you can pursue your desired degree in fields, like business, science or humanities without needing language proficiency.
  1. Student Visa Application Process: Obtain a student visa by submitting the necessary documents, including an acceptance letter from a recognized Uzbek university, proof of financial means, and a valid passport. The process is streamlined, and the friendly staff at Uzbek embassies or consulates can guide you through the steps.

  2. Medical Insurance: It is mandatory to have comprehensive medical insurance coverage during your stay in Uzbekistan. Ensure you have the required documentation to meet this prerequisite.

  3. Language Proficiency: For programs taught in Uzbek or Russian, proficiency in the respective language may be required. Some universities may request language test scores, so be prepared to showcase your linguistic abilities.

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