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University of Greenwich


The University of Greenwich is London’s best public research university. It was first established in 1890 as Woolwich Polytechnic, and in 1992 it was merged with many other universities to become the University of Greenwich. The university was named Greenwich after the historic town, well-known for its maritime background and importance as the central meridian (0° longitude).

university of greenwich

The university operates from multiple locations in London and Kent, including the Greenwich Campus, Avery Hill Campus, and Medway Campus. The university’s buildings and resources are mainly situated on the Greenwich Campus, the school’s main campus located in the historic Maritime Greenwich area. With advanced facilities, including labs, libraries, multimedia centers, and living quarters for students, it offers a progressive learning environment.

Research at the university focuses primarily on the fields of business, social sciences, computer, and environmental science. It has a variety of research institutions and centers that help fund research projects and enhance knowledge and innovation. It provides various student support services, like educational guidance, counseling, career help, and support for people with disabilities. Through internships, job placements, and industry collaborations, the university also strongly emphasizes practical education and work experience, assisting students in gaining the information and skills necessary for their future employment.

Courses offered by University of Greenwich

BA Hons (Urban Design)

Learn about the construction of cities via urban strategies and architectural interventions while tackling issues of environmental justice and urban fairness by pursuing a degree in urban design.

MSc (Occupational Psychology)

You will get a more well-rounded understanding of the many different ways in which psychology may have an effect on the workplace as part of your Master in Science in Occupational Psychology study.

PGDip/MA (Social Work)

Studying for a Master's degree in Social Work will enhance your knowledge and skills required to address the problems and obstacles presented by contemporary social work.

BA Hons (Criminology and Criminal Justice (Extended) )

The first year of our extended degree in criminology is spent on foundational coursework designed to prepare you for degree-level study. After that, you will complete the equivalent coursework covered in the three-year programme.

BA Hons (Politics and International Relations)

This is the perfect time to pursue our politics and international relations degree since there is an excellent lot of activity occurring in the political arena. This class will prepare you for positions in the public sector, including those in government.

BA Hons (Media and Communications)

The course is designed to assist students in developing a diverse portfolio of independent critical and creative outputs, as well as exploring how students' individual practices connect to the media and creative sectors that exist in the real world.

BSc Hons (Speech and Language Therapy)

Psychology, linguistics and phonetics, anatomy, physiology, and speech and language therapy practice frameworks will all be covered in this course. You will also examine the client's biopsychosocial and cultural demands.

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