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Bournemouth University


Bournemouth University is well-known for its academic excellence and industrial partnerships. It was founded in 1992 and has quickly developed a reputation for excellent courses of study, research-led teaching, and outstanding student assistance.

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University provides various programs for undergraduates and graduate students in business, media, social and health sciences, technological advances, and creative industries. Its curriculum is meant to provide students with a solid academic basis while emphasizing practical abilities and knowledge, ensuring they are prepared for anything for their future employment.

This field of interaction gives students an excellent opportunity to get practical knowledge, knowledge of the industry, and networking contacts. Bournemouth is a creative and technology powerhouse, making it a perfect place for students to interact with booming businesses and improve their job chances. Modern classrooms, labs, studios, and specialized facilities on the university’s campuses are intended to imitate real-world conditions. The pupils have access to advanced technology and equipment, allowing them to acquire practical skills and engage in industry-relevant projects.

Courses offered by Bournemouth University

BSc (Hons) Archaeological, Anthropological & Forensic Sciences

This highly marketable sciences programme covers the gap between science and the humanities, equipping you for various exciting careers in archaeological research, anthropology, forensic science, and other scientific fields.

BSc (Hons) Games Software Engineering

This course has been approved by TIGA, the trade group representing the video game industry, and has the TIGA quality mark, which decides procedures that produce the most qualified industry-ready graduates. The degree provides promising prospects for cross-disciplinary cooperation, which is highly regarded in the game development business.

BSc (Hons) Marine Ecology & Conservation

This top-up degree will expand on the foundational coursework in Marine, Freshwater, or Coastal Conservation to give a university experience and the chance to collaborate on research with academics in the field.

BA (Hons) Music & Sound Production

You will get an opportunity to develop your ability to generate sounds and music in various settings, allowing you to improve your audio creation talents if you use advanced technology and a variety of sound production approaches.

BA (Hons) International Tourism & Business Management

You can study Business and Tourism simultaneously through this advanced and exciting combined degree programme. It will allow you to acquire various information and abilities, giving you access to many different work opportunities.

MSc Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

This course will be given by several instructors with relevant skills and an understanding of the unit's subject. This includes senior academics, experienced professionals, demonstrators, technicians, and research students.

MSc Internet of Things with Cyber Security

Design and create the next generations of smart gadgets and networked systems. You will also learn about cyber security concerns and the best ways to design and build safe and reliable IoT systems, integrating solid theory fundamentals with hands-on practice.

MSc Cyber Security & Human Factors

You will acquire a significant amount of understanding in the field of cyber security, which will prepare you to meet the ever-increasing security issues encountered by businesses, industries, and governments within this complex community.

MSc Disaster Management

This course will provide you with advanced expertise and abilities for disaster management leadership. Learn risk reduction tactics, resilience strategies, and effective event management systems for responding to and recovering from various calamities.

MSc Robotics

It will prepare students for various technological occupations that need knowledge and abilities in Robotics and Mechatronics, which include technologies in the design, manufacture, functioning, and application of robots

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