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Kingston University


Kingston University is the best public research university in Kingston upon Thames, a suburb of London, England. It started as a technical school and became a university in 1992. It is known for its high-quality training, helpful learning atmosphere, and intense focus on fundamental skills and job growth.

Kingston University

Kingston University has many student and graduate programmes in art and social sciences, business, medical and behavioral science, engineering, and computer science. It comprises four faculties: the Kingston School of Art, the Kingston School of Business, the Kingston School of Engineering, and medical college, Social Services, and Education.

Students have a chance for job placements, job placements, and networking via the organization’s collaboration with various business partners. In addition, the institution has a jobs and employability team entirely dedicated to assisting students in their search for work once they have completed their studies. It provides a diverse selection of cultural events and student organizations to meet the needs of students with an extensive range of talents and to encourage a well-rounded college experience.

Courses offered by Kingston University

Historic Building Conservation FdSc and BSc (Hons)

You'll learn about historic architecture and acquire multidisciplinary skills. You'll learn to present, work in teams, prepare reports, discuss current events, and use IT. Simple research tasks will also be taught.

Quantity Surveying Consultancy BSc(Hons)

You'll learn about business by learning about the building market and how it relates to the consulting market. When you finish the programme, you'll know a lot about how to build and create things and handle money and projects.

Real Estate Management BSc (Hons)

You will be trained by a great team of professional surveyors, lawyers, and experienced teachers who have worked in both the UK and international markets for a long time. Your studies will show how important it is to care for the world and keep it healthy.

Forensic Science (MSc)

You will concentrate on criminality, road traffic toxicology, and drug testing in the sporting world while exploring various substances' biological impacts and medicinal applications.

Magazine Journalism MA

This course incorporates a variety of hands-on tasks, including blogging, interviewing, sub editing, magazine production, feature writing, and creating and uploading web content.

Midwifery MSc

You will critically assess modern midwifery research, improve your problem-solving abilities, and explore handling unanticipated and complex challenges. Research, creativity, and innovation will increase midwifery knowledge, service development, and clinical practice.

Cancer Biology Masters (MSc)

You will learn about the biology of illness, the biology of tumors, immunology, molecular oncology, and hematological malignancy, as well as approaches for diagnosing and treating cancer.

Modern European Philosophy MA

The course uses Kant's critical philosophy to understand European philosophy. Special attention is paid to Kant and Hegel and how philosophy changed after them in Germany and France.

Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA

If you are interested in corporate communications, public relations, or internal communications, you should take this course. Rather than focusing on journalism, it provides a foundation in business disciplines.

Digital Media Technology BSc (Hons)

You'll learn about media, programming, 2D and 3D computer graphics, computer animation, user experience (UX), visual effects, and upcoming technologies like AI. You'll develop complex media products, including animations, motion graphics, compositing, modeling in 3D, texturing, lighting, interactive online content, and cinematography.

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