Leeds Beckett University


Leeds Beckett University is a modern and active school with a long past that dates back to 1824. It is in the busy city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. It has a wide range of college and graduate programmes in many different fields. This gives students many options for studying and going after their hobbies and job goals.

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University covers various scholarly topics, from law and business to health sciences, technology, arts, literature, education, and sports. It stands out because it puts a lot of emphasis on getting people jobs. It offers students the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience required to succeed in the job market. 

The study centers and groups at the university do new and significant research in a wide range of fields. From health and social studies to technology and the arts, Leeds Beckett University’s analysis helps to improve knowledge and solve problems in the real world.It has modern facilities, like advanced classrooms, labs, workshops, and sports facilities, which make it easier for people to work together, be creative, and learn. Also, the city of Leeds has a lively arts and culture scene that gives students a lot of chances to do things outside of school.

Courses offered by Leeds Beckett University


In this practical course, you will learn about the physical, life, and psychological sciences. Your job will be driven by your desire to help people of all physical skills if you are interested in the science behind sports success, health, and physical activity.


This course will focus on creative ways to use technology. You will use industry-standard programmes in our professional workshops. You will learn how to make functional designs, websites, apps, short films, and cartoons while serving as part of a production team.


Leeds Beckett's approved undergraduate landscape degree prepares landscape architects who are accurate, creative, confident, and independent. Collaboration with Architecture, Planning, and Urban Design students, community-based initiatives, and professional speakers broadens our topic knowledge.

Postgraduate MA Social Work

Social work's legal frameworks, regulations, and theories—particularly psychosocial perspectives—will be studied. You'll also get the chance to deepen your legal knowledge. This course remains Social Work England-approved. This implies graduates may become registered social workers.


Gain experience in specialized music studios and acquire the skills necessary to find a job in creative sectors such as creating music, films, television shows, and audio video games.


Learn how the human body functions, both when it's healthy and when it's not. Within the context of our specialized labs, you will acquire the skills necessary to diagnose and cure illnesses.


As an assured and skilled events manager, you will be able to successfully produce a variety of events, ranging from large music festivals to new product launches for local enterprises.


Sharpen your creative integrity while developing your knowledge and fashion dreams. You can decide to concentrate on fashion writing, fashion design, or visual communication for fashion.


This course was made in collaboration with government, nonprofit, and volunteer organizations that deal with crime. It will let you look at current problems in crime and criminal justice and think about race, culture, gender, state power, and war.

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