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University for Creative Arts


University for Creative Arts is a world-class university dedicated only to developing innovative thinking and creativity across various fields. This has campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, and Rochester, providing a lively and dynamic learning environment for students interested in employment in the creative arts

University for Creative Arts

University for Creative Art’s comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes cover fine artwork, fashion, design for graphics, photography, animation, architecture, and other subjects. The curriculum here is meant to encourage artistic inquiry, critical thinking, and technical abilities, helping students develop their creative voices and equip them for successful careers in their selected fields.

These interactions allow students to participate in projects, job placements, internships, and networking events. Students get essential practical experience, create professional networks, and improve their employment chances via these industrial engagements. It also provides a variety of industry-led guest lectures, seminars, and exhibits that give students insights into current trends and practices in the creative industries.


Courses offered by University for Creative Arts

BA/BSc (Hons) Events & Festivals Management

This degree covers event and festival management and audience experiences. Event industry experts devised and taught the course, and you'll work directly with venues, artists, audiences, and other industry partners to enhance your talents

MA Digital Fashion

You will learn how to create virtual garments and fit them digitally for a client, whether they are a runway model for a virtual catwalk, an influencer on social media looking to grow their following, an online game avatar in search of a fashion edge, or a movie character getting a custom costume.

BA (Hons)Virtual & Augmented Reality

You'll master immersive technology basics before working on intriguing projects to learn about workplace procedures and operations. You'll get access to powerful desktops with Alienware Aurora towers, the newest RTX 2080 graphic cards, 4k dual-screen monitors, Wacom Cintiq graphics tablets, Unity, and Unreal games engine.

BSc (Hons) User Experience Design

This course will serve as the foundation for furthering your educational and theoretical understanding of the worldwide importance and potential of user experience design. Your studies will concentrate on the industry's essential concepts and pillars, such as user research, experience design, interface design, visual design, and information architecture

BA (Hons) Television Production

Exploring a variety of television genres, from script drama to live production, you'll strike a mix between hands-on practical training and technological study, including idea creation and contextual awareness, to ensure you graduate with a broad skill set

BA/BSc (Hons) Advertising

This programme provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to combine academic quality with practical experience, taught by highly qualified practitioners with links to some of the industry's most influential brands, like Ogilvy, Adam & Eve, and Anomaly

MA Animation

This course draws students from around the globe and has a diverse cultural mix. You will enter the system as an experienced animator, but you will be motivated to take chances, experiment with new methods, broaden your interests, and trade, debate, and discuss ideas

MA Architecture

You'll have the chance to conduct particular theme studies that include prototyping, experimenting, re-designing, and constructing, but you'll also need to exhibit expert knowledge of your chosen subject and total mastery of your created outputs.

MA Art Writing

You will get a comprehensive and self-contained theoretical learning of modern art and its dynamic link to decolonial concepts and practices. You will be exposed to critical research approaches, which you will use while you conduct your research project.

BA/BSc (Hons)Fashion Business & Managements

You'll be able to widen your horizons by selecting from a variety of industry-related optional units, ranging from management of supply chains to psychological studies, each with a global perspective, preparing you for a career in local or worldwide markets.

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