Exploring Students life in Dubai

Exploring Student Life in Dubai

Undoubtedly, one of the most alluring cities in the Middle East is Dubai. There is much more to the city of gold than just its magnificent architecture and expansive deserts. People from many other countries have been drawn there by its glamorous lives for travel, employment, and educational purposes as Students life in Dubai.

Dubai is home to some of the best academic institutions and programs. The majority of the universities in Dubai have consistently been placed in the top 50 in the Gulf region. Read this blog to learn more about student life in Dubai if you enjoy the commotion and excitement and want to pursue your education there.

Uncover Student’s Life in Dubai

Dubai offers an opulent and expensive way of life, and its enormous malls offer everything. One of the main economic and entertainment centers, it takes pride in its amazing infrastructure and skylines.

Dubai has everything, from fashionable clothing and jewelry to a wide range of foods and spices! In this multicultural city, you will encounter people of many racial and religious backgrounds. Due to the city’s proximity to deserts, summers are typically hot and humid.

Despite Islam and its customs being the dominant theme of the city, individuals are free to practice and learn about their respective cultures and religions. (theclickreader) Several significant city facts are as follows:

  • In Dubai, Friday and Saturday are considered the weekends, making Sunday through Thursday the workweek.
  • Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu, and Hindi are the most widely used languages. Arabic is Dubai’s official language, while English is often used in formal and educational settings.
  • The Emirate is governed by an absolute monarchy with widespread political stability.

Exploring Places

Dubai offers a variety of transportation options to make life as a student there easier. The entire city is connected by completely automated metro networks, making daily commutes safe, simple, and accessible. For transit to adjacent locations, taxis are also widely accessible.

For students, the majority of their travel is between their housing and the university’s campus. The most practical method of transportation that connects the city’s landmarks is the bus. Big buses or budget buses are available to take you through the main attractions with live commentary as you explore Dubai’s visionaries!

Entertainment and Activities

  • Dubai offers a wide range of local activities, a shared appreciation of delectable cuisine from around the globe, spectacular festivals, and events for every type of event you can imagine. You just cannot afford to miss Dubai’s entertainment opportunities!
  • A unique sight is the Dubai Fountain. With its musical homages to diverse persons, it is the largest choreographed fountain in the world. The fountain, which is also visible from 30 kilometers away, offers lake rides.
  • Famous skydiving in the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah will satisfy your hunger for a potent adrenaline rush. It’s a professionally led exercise that involves making a huge leap into the air.
  • It should appear as though visiting the recognizable Burj Khalifa is a silent act. The Burj Khalifa, regarded as the height of modern architecture, is a magnificent piece of art with flawless execution.
  • Al Fahidi Fort, which was constructed around 1800, is home to Dubai’s premier museum for those with an interest in history. It depicts Dubai’s way of life over a long period of time. The museum is a heritage with the oldest history of the city, from historical maps to material discovered during excavations.
  • The Desert Safari is yet another thrilling location to discover. During your time as a student in Dubai, you must go on an exciting excursion.
    It takes you on a tour of the Dubai desert where you can see the mesmerizing sunset while stopping frequently for photos, riding a camel, and enjoying an exotic meal with belly dancing and traditional shisha.
  • Dubai has its very own Ferrari World for car enthusiasts. The amusement park, which boasts the highest loop and fastest rollercoaster in the world, is the largest frame structure ever constructed. Enjoy the rides and live entertainment at the park.
  • The Dubai Miracle Garden is in full bloom and is a haven of serenity. It covers a 72,000 square meter garden and has 150 million artistically pleasing blooms. For entertainment, the flowery wonderland also hosts live music and dancing performances.

Exploring Student Life in Dubai

Accommodations and Employment Possibilities

The cost of living in Dubai is relatively high, however, it can be reduced if you choose a place that is less expensive. Dubai offers on- and off-campus housing with residential and hostel amenities, similar to many other universities. The average monthly housing budget is between AED 5,500 and 16,000 (INR 1,10,351 and 3,21,021).

The cost of shared private housing with other students ranges from AED 4,500 to 6,500 (INR 90,293 to 1,30,424). You can choose part-time work to lessen your financial load while you are a student in Dubai. There are numerous jobs available on campus all year long and off-campus employment in the summer.

Being a city with a thriving commercial sector, several businesses and corporations give students part-time jobs with an average monthly pay of AED 3,987 (INR 79,986) as Students live in Dubai.

Holidays and Social Activities

In addition to the above-mentioned entertaining activities, Dubai provides tourists with a variety of festivals to take part in, celebrate, and immerse themselves in. The following are the city’s most exciting annual festivals, which draw tourists from around the globe.

  • (Around December) Dubai International Film Festival
  • (Around February) Dubai International Jazz Festival
  • (January) Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Dubai’s Art (March)
  • January’s Dubai Marathon
  • World Cup in Dubai (March)
  • Dubai’s Taste Of (March)
  • March marks the Dubai International Boat Show.

That was all there was to say about Students’ life in Dubai, which ensures entertainment in addition to top-notch education. Leverage Edu professionals are here to assist you in choosing the ideal course and guide you through each stage of the admissions process if you want to pursue a degree at one of the top universities in Dubai. Register for a free consultation with us right away!

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